100 kilometers of diversity.



La Rioja is more to live than to simply visit. It is to discover it or to rediscover it and experience its thousand nuances.

La Rioja is wine that is shared, culture that feeds you, landscapes that surround you and landscape that makes you fall in love.

It is easy to be a tourist in La Rioja and very tempting to feel welcomed. Let yourself be surprised by this rich, friendly, happy and bright land and you will get La Rioja tattooed on your heart.

Discovering Cultural Treasures

Trip to the historic monasteries and caves of La Rioja

Explore the Monasteries of Yuso and Suso, cradle of Castilian,
and the legendary Monastery of Santa María La Real de Nájera . Immerse yourself in the history and legends that gave rise to our language and culture in La Rioja.

Explore La Rioja through historical trails, from ravines and ancient hermitages to castles and monasteries, in a unique natural and cultural adventure.


Hidden gems on a walk full of surprises and charm.

Within a radius of 25 km around our winery we can discover wonderful places of great cultural and natural interest:

• The Palomares of Nalda
• Castle of Castañares de las Cuevas or the Caves of the Moors
• Chorrones de Peña Puerta
• Moncalvillo refrigerators
• Nature tourism; discover Los Cameros.